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Fans celebrate our record-breaking season - you can join in too!

We're celebrating Liverpool's earliest ever finish to a season with commemorative wristbands, which get you access to the end-of-season party*, and help Liverpool fans remember their record-breaking season! Buy your wristbands NOW - selling faster than LFC Beach-balls! (buttons on right)


Well done to Rafa and the boys for ending our season in record time! As the Manager said, this proves that we are a WORLD CLASS team, with the BEST fans in the world!

2009/10 Season review – What a Season!

Our astounding league form saw us playing at the very top of our game, and there have been some brilliant results along the way – who can forget that glorious home win against Manchester United?!

Rafa's brilliant tactical mind ensured that we were a force in the Champions League, in a tough group alonsgide the third best team in France, the fourth best team in Italy, and the mighty European giants Debrecen!

To celebrate our record-breaking season, we’re having an END OF SEASON PARTY, and we want every fan to join us in celebrating the end of this EXTRAORDINARY season! Buy your VIP wrist-band NOW to get entry to the hottest party in town! It must be seen by all true Liverpool fans!

20:00Introduction by radio commentator & massive Liverpool fan Alan Green
20:10Presentation of all the major trophies we won.
20:15Slideshow of all of the Seasons highlights!
20:17Slideshow of all the dubious goals we’ve scored.
20:30Captain's Address (And the addresses of all the other players – no home is safe whilst we’re playing!)
A Rant written and performed by our guest Fat Spanish Waiter.
21:00“A Winning Team”
Congratulatory speech from our fantastic and generous owners - if we all pull together we can have record-breaking seasons like this every year!
21:15“New Anfield”
Presentation of our plans for a brand new 70,000 seater stadium

Best Actor - David Ngonetoground
Best Actress - Fernando

21:40Photos of the players with all the trophies we won.
22:00Farewell toast to Fernando, Stevie and Javier.
22:05Disco - Stevie G has kindly volunteered to take on the resident DJ so that we can have our own music on.

We want as many fans as possible to share our record-breaking season with us!

To gain access to the party* you will need one of our commemorative wristbands! They are perfect for showing off to all Liverpool supporters, and will make them sick with envy!^

'' Never let Liverpool forget that they've finished their season so early! Buy a wristband to keep you laughing at Liverpool for the rest of the season!

'' Are Liverpool going to crash and burn in record time this year? Can Fernando Torres win enough matches on his own again? The football betting markets say they'll struggle.... :D

* yes, you've guessed it, there isn't actually a Liverpool End of Season party (although we think there should be! Maybe it could double up as a farewell party to the Fat Spanish Waiter as Liverpool crash out of competition after competition.?!) We're also not in any way connected to Liverpool Football Club, any of the players, but you should have guessed that too! We think it's hilarious to wave the wristbands in the faces of any Scousers you happen to know, and congratulate them on their record-breaking season! To think that some of the football betting pundits were claiming that this could be their year...

^ or just plain sick!

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